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Water Tank Level Controller Sensor Switch


Product details of Water Tank Level Controller Sensor Switch

  • Working principle: The float switch adopts heavy buoyancy principle, simple and reasonable structure, automatic adjustment.
  • Operating temperature: 0°C~60°C; Control range: 0.2m; Electrical durability: 50,000; contacts: NO + NC.
  • Safety: Easy to use, easy to install, safe and reliable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly
  • Application: This Float Switch is suitable for controlling the operation of the pump, liquid level, and can also be installed on the submersible pump to control and protect the engine. It is widely used in homes, factories and mines for swimming pools, barrels, water tanks and well
  • Length:2m (approx)Working pressure:0.1MPaRated
  • Current/voltage: (4A) 250V ~Operating temperature: 0~75℃
  • Electrical life: 1 x 100 000 times, mechanical life: 5 x 100 000 times
  • Environment: pool, oil, weak acids, and bases in water or oil pool
  • This float switch can sensor and regulate the water level in barrel, sink or well.Non-toxic type can be used in house or factory.As the liquid level reaches upper or lower switching value, the controller contact will send out signals. CityTech BD 

The product is characterized by stable and reliable performance (not because of surface fluctuations caused by malfunction).It also has a non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, easy to install, low cost, and long service life.The product can be widely used in water supply, drainage and automatic corrosive liquid level control with a variety of backing pumps. CityTech BD 


  • Colour: Like the picture show
  • Shape: Square, Round
  • Rated voltage: 125V-250V
  • Rated current: 4A-8A
  • Max Current:16A
  • Rated watt:500W(Higher than five hundred watt installation contactors)
  • Working temperature: 0℃-50℃
  • Protection grade:IP68
  • Mechanical endurance:100,000times
  • Electrical endurance:50,000times
  • Control level difference of less than 40cm not fit. CityTech BD 

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