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TTL to RS485 Converter 3.3V/5V Hardware Automatic Control Converter Module


TTL to RS485 module, RS485 to TTL signal, single-chip serial port, UART, lightning protection hardware, automatic flow direction control The power supply of this product is wide voltage (3.0V ~ 30V), which realizes the compatibility between 3.3V system and 5.0V system, and both 3.3V and 5.0V signals can be matched. This product is equipped with wiring terminals and silicone wire, used for direct wiring. All imported chips are used. It has powerful performance, lightning protection design, strong anti-interference ability, industrial grade, and 1-year warranty! It realizes the automatic flow direction control of the RS485 signal and the automatic switching of the sending and receiving directions. Using this module is as simple as operating the serial port. CityTech BD 

To achieve the RS485 signal automatic flow control, send and receive direction automatically switch, use this module with your operation as simple as the serial port. CityTech BD CityTech BD CityTech BD CityTech BD 

Baud rate: 110 ~ 256000bps

CityTech BD CityTech BD CityTech BD CityTech BD CityTech BD CityTech BD CityTech BD CityTech BD CityTech BD CityTech BD 


  1. This module fully considers the 485 bus lightning protection design and anti-interference design.
  2. It has extremely high EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and EMI (electromagnetic anti-interference) performance.
  3. When long-distance transmission in the field, the module is connected to the earth Access to the earth can play a good role in anti-interference and lightning protection, making the 485 bus more secure; the indoor short-distance transmission can not be connected to the earth. CityTech BD 
  4. With standard 2.54 pitch pin headers for your secondary development
  5. With 120 ohm matching resistance, short-circuit R0 to enable matching resistance, short-circuit is recommended for long-distance transmission.
  6. Support multi-machine communication, at least 40 nodes can be connected to the same network
  7. It can be hot-swapped and there will be no signal thrombosis
  8. Anti-interference wiring and copper laying method to prevent signal interference. CityTech BD 
General Specification
Operating Voltage (VDC)3 ~ 30
Compatible Signals3.3V and 5.0V
Working Temperature Range (°C)-40 to 85
Baud Rate110 to 256000bps
Length (mm)52
Width (mm)24
Height (mm)6
Weight (gm)10
Shipment Weight0.015 kg
Shipment Dimensions8 × 6 × 2 cm

Package Includes:

1 x TTL to RS485 Power Supply Converter Board 3.3V 5V Hardware Auto Control Module

CityTech BD CityTech BD CityTech BD CityTech BD CityTech BD CityTech BD CityTech BD 


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