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TCRT5000L Reflective Optical Sensor



  1. Compact construction
  2. Senses the presence of an object by using the reflective IR beam from the object
  3. Package type: leaded
  4. Detector type: phototransistor
  5. Peak operating distance: 2.5 mm
  6. Operating range within > 20 % relative collector
  7. Typical output current under test: IC = 1 mA
General Specification
Operating Voltage (VDC)3.6 ~ 5
Average Current Consumption (mA)60
Distance Measuring Range (CM)1.5
Output TypePhototransistor
Weight (gm)8
Working Temperature Range (°C)-25 to 85
ColorBlack + blue
MaterialPlastic + iron
Detecting methodReflective
Transistor PropertiesCollector-Emitter: Voltage: 70V;
Collector Current: 100mA;
Forward Current: 60mA.
Shipment Weight0.005 kg
Shipment Dimensions1.2x0.58x0.7 cm

Package Includes :

1 x TCRT5000L Reflective Optical Sensor


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