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RGB 2 Pin LED 5mm (pack of 5)


These color-changing LEDs take the work out of creating crazy, flashy, blinky… ness. Simply apply power and the LED will cycle through the RGB color space: no external controller necessary! These bright and festive LEDs make great decorations, LED “throwies”, indicator lights, etc. Typical forward voltage is 2V.

These 5mm LEDs are of the “slow-changing” variety, meaning they cycle at a rate of one color every few seconds.


  1. Indicator light in all kinds of electronic products
  2. Full color RGB display screen
  3. Backlight for automobile instrument
  4. Backlight for flat screen
  5. Backlight for all kinds of electronics products, such as TV, advertisement board
  6. Small display screen


  1. Package: 5mm Round 2 pin
  2. Color: ultra-bright standard RGB full color
  3. Lens: water clear flat mold
  4. Meet RoHS, green product
  5. Compatible with SMT automatic equipment
  6. Compatible with infrared reflow solder process
General Specification
Lens Color:Water Clear
Forward Voltage (V)3.0-3.2
Viewing Angle16°
LED Brightness (MCD)3000-4000
Mounting TypeThrough Hole
Diameter (mm)5
Weight (gm)0.1 (approx) (each)
Shipment Weight0.015 kg
Shipment Dimensions3 × 3 × 3 cm

Package Includes:

5 x RGB 2 Pin LED 5mm 


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