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PIC16F628 IC


A 8-Bit CMOS Flash-based microcontroller from the PIC16F6XXX family. This IC is ideal for applications ranging from high-speed automotive and appliance control to low power remote sensors. Flash/EEPROM technology makes customization of code extremely fast and convenient. CityTech BD 

Other features include: mid-range architecture, 14-bit wide instructions, 1 million data memory EEPROM ERASE/WRITE cycles, direct LED drive, 8-bit timer/counter with 8-bit programmable pre-scaler, in circuit serial programming (ICSP). CityTech BD 


  1. 3 to 5.5V Supply voltage
  2. 3.5KB Flash memory
  3. 128Bytes EEPROM memory
  4. 224Bytes SRAM data memory
  5. 16 I/O pins
  6. 3 Timers
  7. 1 PWM channel
  8. 20MHz Clock speed
  9. USARTSCI Interfaces
  10. DIL-18 Case
General Specification
Minimum Supply Voltage (V)3
Maximum Supply Voltage (V)5.5
Product TypeFLASH-Based 8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers
Operating Temperature Range (°C)–55° C to +125° C
Mounting TypeThrough Hole
Shipment Weight0.005 kg
Shipment Dimensions3 × 3 × 3 cm

CityTech BD CityTech BD CityTech BD CityTech BD CityTech BD CityTech BD 


  1. Datasheet

Package Includes:

1 x PIC16F628


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