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WiFi IoT Switch Sonoff 4CH Pro R3 (10A, 2200 W)


Sonoff 4CH R3 4 Channels Smart Switch Home Automation 10A 2200W in Bangladesh

This Sonoff 4CH R3 4 Channels Smart Switch Operates on 230V AC so you won’t need to arrange any additional power supply to run this device, you can make the easy connections and hide this device inside the switchboard itself or install it over the switchboard. It Supports Google assistance as well as Alexa voice command to ON-OFF the 4 different 230V AC application with operating current up to 10A it means you can operate almost all appliances at home.

Sonoff 4-gang WIFI smart switch has four pushbuttons to ON-OFF the devices individually also it can be done via a mobile app voice command available on Google play store and Apple App Store and any Voice assistance devices like Alexa Speaker remote or Google devices. Onboard 4 LED lights to show the status and one additional LED to show the WIFI connection status. CityTechBD 


  1. Easy DIYable Installation and Connection
  2. Mobile App-controlled
  3. ON-OFF over any voice Assistance Device
  4. Share the control with Multiple Users
  5. Timer Modes setting
  6. Self Locking Mode
  7. Camera Features
  8. On-Board Status LED and Physical Push Buttons CityTechBD 

General Specification
Input Voltage (V AC)110 ~ 240
Output Voltage(V)110-240V AC 10A
WIFIIEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
Length (mm)145
Width (mm)90
Height (mm)34
Weight (gm)200
Shipment Weight0.22 kg
Shipment Dimensions15 × 8 × 3 cm

Package Includes:

1 x Sonoff 4CH R3 4 Channels Smart Switch Home Automation 10A 2200w

1 x Small Scew Driver

1 x User Manual

CityTechBD CityTechBD CityTechBD CityTechBD CityTechBD CityTechBD 


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