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MINI DC12V Brushless Pump AD20P – 1230A 4.8W IP68 Hmax 300CM Qmax 240 L / H


A brushless dc pump is a 12v or 24v mini bldc motor drive dc water pump that uses magnetic force to rotate its impeller to pressurize and transport water for fluid lifting, booster, and circulation system. It is a kind of typical mechatronic product.

You might be searching for a pump that operates on 12 V and gives an output of above 240L/H then this could be the best choice for your project.

This Ultra-Quiet DC 12V 3M 240L/H Brushless Submersible Water Pump is a low-cost, small size Submersible Pump. It can take up to 240 liters per hour with a very low current consumption from 300mA. Just connect the tube pipe to the motor outlet, submerge it in water, and power it. The black color pump comes with a heavy-duty cable and a 5mm DC female jack at the end to connect directly to the 12V power supply. It is widely used in prototype projects as well as for decoration purposes.CityTechBD

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CityTechBD CityTechBD CityTechBD CityTechBD


  1. Brand new and high quality.
  2. Brushless, permanent magnetic rotor.
  3. Super long working life(more than 30000 hours).
  4. Adopt high performance ceramic shaft.
  5. The axis is enclosed with static sealing, not dynamic, which can avoid leaking problems.
    Amphibious design.
  6. Submersible installation and entirely waterproof.
  7. low consumption

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General Specification
Noiseless than35db
Pump materialABS Plastic
Condition of usecontinuously
FluidsWater, oil, gasoline, acid and alkali solution.
Working temperature0 ~ 75c.
Power Consumption3.6W
Rated Voltage12V DC
Max Current350mA
Max flow rate4L/MIN(1.06G/MIN)
Max Head(lift height)3M
Water proof classIP68(can be submersible installed).
Shipment Weight0.076 kg
Shipment Dimensions7 × 7 × 5 cm

Please allow 5% measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

CityTechBD CityTechBD CityTechBD CityTechBD CityTechBD CityTechBD

Packages Includes: 

1 x Brushless Submersible Water Pump


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