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Microwave Oven Fuse (with Holder)


Microwave Oven Fuse Tube with holder Price in BD

Fit for: Any Microwave Oven
Material: Glass, Metal

Voltage: 5KV
Amp : 0.65A

Size : 6 x 40mm / 0.24″ x 1.6″ (D*L)
Weight: 5g
Replacement type high voltage fuse tube for modern microwave ovens.
This high voltage fuse is wired in series with the high voltage feed from the high voltage transformer to the magnetron. CityTechBD

100% Brand new and quality.

It is Microwave Oven High Voltage Fuse

This type of fuse is fitted to many brands of microwaves and this particular type of fuse is suitable for replacement in any brand. The overall cable length of this fuse may be more than your original fuse but it is quite permissible to tie back the cable to suit your oven. Check the rating of the original fuse and replace with the correct value. CityTechBD

Technical specification of the fuse: 0.8A 5kV
The overall length of fuse including the cables 300mm
Fuse housing length 100mm
Fuse housing diameter 22mm
Connection, 2 x 8mm insulated spade terminals CityTechBD

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