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  • Product Code : CZ-7110
  • Sensing Range : Operating Force (Max.: 60

Micro switches are tiny little switches used mainly for automation of machines that needs to stopped or started automatically on its own. The most common place that one will find and a micro switch in action are at the auto gates and doors. We see swings open at shut at will. Other than these places micro switches are widely used in the manufacturing sector where they need to calibrate their machines to do certain job at certain time .For description sake, we shall take the automated gates as a simple example. If you look carefully you will see a lever on the motor that pushes the gates open. Once the gates are fully opened, the lever gets in contact with a tiny button that is hardly visible to the eye. That is the button of the micro switch. The lever moving in tandem with the gates will be calibrated to press against the switch which will in turn “open” the electrical circuit, exactly the time the gates are fully opened. CityTechBD


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