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LCD Graphic 128x64 Display KS0108 12864A


LCD Graphic 128x64 Display KS0108 12864A in Bangladesh

A big, bold, beautiful blue LCD with white back-lit pixels. This LCD is the graphical upgrade to those popular 16x2 LCDs, but allows full graphical control. CityTechBD 

Note: Product images/ Components brand may vary from actual product as our stock rotates. CityTechBD 


  1. Type: Graphic 
  2. Display format: 128 x 64 dots 
  3. Built-in controller: Samsung KS 0107/KS 0108 (or equivalent) 
  4. Duty cycle: 1/64 
  5. + 5 V power supply 
  6. N.V. built-in CityTechBD 

LCD Graphic 128x64 Display KS0108 12864A Specification:

General Specification
Display Format128 x 64 dots
PCB Size93mm x 70mm
Viewing Area71mm x 39mm
Shipment Weight0.070 kg
Shipment Dimensions12 × 8 × 2.5 cm

Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement. CityTechBD 


  1. Datasheet

Package Includes:

1 x LCD Graphic 128x64 Display KS0108 12864A. CityTechBD 


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