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This power supply is very convenient to use. You can output 1.2V to 24V adjustable voltage and 3W power as long as you plug in USB or micro USB. It is very suitable for technical engineers to develop, debug and repair instruments. After-sales engineers are on business to supply power to instruments and meters. It is very convenient. CityTech BD


Input voltage: 3.5V-12V
Output voltage: 1.2-24V
Output Voltage 1.2V-2V, Used within 2W
Output Voltage 2V-20V, Used within 3W
Output Voltage 20V-24V, Used within 2.5W
Output power = output voltage x output current
Product size: 80mm*20mm*10mm/3.14*0.78*0.39”
Weight: 15g


Easy to use, plug in USB or micro USB to output 1.2V-24V adjustable voltage.
Turn off output with one key.
Digital tube can be turned off.
Using multi-loop precise adjustable potentiometer to regulate
Power-off storage before power-off.
One button to turn off the output;
Supply ON/OFF display screen;
Support low power mode;
Support sleep mode;
Support both standard USB and Micro-USB and pads input voltage;
Potentiometer with rotating handle. CityTech BD

Use Steps:

1>.Input voltage from Standard USB or Micro USB or ‘VIN+’ and ‘VIN-’;
2>.Turn ON display screen;
3>.Adjust potentiometer to get the required voltage;
4>.Connect load.


1>.Ordinary power supply;
2>.Battery charger;
3>.LED drive power;
4>.Instrument voltage display;
5>.Test meter;
6>.Circuit test;
7>.Power conversion. CityTech BD


This product is not a high power supply, please use it in the power range. Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement. Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understand.

Package Included:

1 x HW-132 desktop power module 9V 1.2V 24V adjustable voltage boost power module


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