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Full Color LED Module SCM Light Water 5050 LED Module For Arduino


This is Full-Color LED Module / RGB V2 light water for Arduino.

D0-D7 This 8-pin respectively to control 8 LED, so long as the number corresponding with pin connected just fine (as long as we turn this experiment received 2 to 9 pin on OK). Also, next three pin RGB, the need connected with GND, connected with R on the bright red, bright green on connecting with the G, B is connected with the bright blue, while even up on all three lights.

As same as the digital handset control mode, a little selection of control corresponds to LED lighting, the color selection control segment through various procedures can produce a variety of color effect changes. CityTech BD

  • Vcc ↔ Arduino 5v
  • D0 – D7 ↔ Connect these to Arduino pins 2 to 9
  • R, G, B ↔ Connect these to Arduino pins 10 to 12 

Product Images are shown for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product. CityTech BD


  1. Full color LED module SCM light water 5050 LED module for Arduino
  2. Uses high-quality RGB 5050 SMD LED chips for bright and vivid colors
  3. Waterproof design with silicone sealant for outdoor and indoor use
  4. Easy to use with Arduino microcontroller boards
  5. Can be controlled via PWM for brightness and color adjustment
  6. Compact design for easy installation and integration into various types of electronic systems


  1. This LED module is ideal for use in various types of lighting and display applications, including signs, billboards, art installations, and decorative lighting.
  2. It can be used to create dynamic and colorful lighting effects, and can be synchronized with music or other external triggers for enhanced visual impact.
  3. This module is suitable for use in hobbyist and DIY electronics projects, as well as for commercial product development.
General Specification
Length (mm)62
Width (mm)35
Height (mm)8
Shipment Weight0.02 kg
Shipment Dimensions7 × 4 × 2 cm

Please allow 5% measuring deviation due to manual measurement.


  1. Sample Code

Package Includes:

1 x Full Color LED Module SCM Light Water 5050 LED Module For Arduino


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