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Emax XA2212-1400kv Outrunner Brushless Motor


These EMAX Brushless DC motor are imported from original Emax products manufacturers. The brand Emax is known for quality-oriented product manufacturing in the market. Our team has selected some of the fine innovations from EMAX and tested them for their ability in labs before supplying them to customers. CityTechBD 

The Emax XA2212-1400kv is a 1.8 oz., 245 watt 400 class motor that is a good choice for pusher-prop FPV planes, flying wings, and most planes weighing up to 2 lbs. that can use an 8 inch prop.

The Sky Power 20A ESC is a nice match for this motor, and good battery choices would be 11.1v 1000 50C to 11.1v 2200 30C.

The Emax XA2212-1400kv motor can be mounted in front of a firewall using the included x-mount. It can also be mounted on a 10mm stick using an Aluminum Motor Mount for 10mm Sticks. The Emax XA2212-1400kv motor includes a 3.0mm prop adapter, and can alternately accommodate a 3.0mm prop saver (sold separately). 

The Emax XA2212-1400kv motor does not have connectors installed, but a set of 3.5mm connectors and shrink tube is packaged with the motor.

This EMAX XA2212 1400KV Outrunner Brushless DC Motor equips high-quality bearings to ensure the efficient and vibration-free operation and silicone steel for high-performance operation with low temperature. These motors are specially meant for your Quadcopters or other types of Multirotors like Tri, Hexa, etc.

Features : 

  1. Vibration-free operation.
  2. Very easy to install.
  3. Generates less heat during operations.
  4. High-quality bearings for reliable operation.
  5. Imported silicon steel coils and high-quality magnets ensure longer life and better performance.
  6. 100% balanced, less energy lost from vibration.
  7. 63 steps of quality inspection, ensuring that every motor you have on your hand is qualified and safe. CityTechBD 
General Specification
Motor KV (RPM/V)1400
Maximum Thrust (gm)930-940
Compatible LiPO Batteries2S ~ 3S
Shaft Diameter (mm)3
Compatible Propellers Size (inch)9 ~ 10
Length (mm)43.16
Width (mm)27.9
Weight (gm)55
Shipment Weight0.059 kg
Shipment Dimensions15 × 10 × 6 cm

Package includes :

1 x Emax XA2212-1400kv Outrunner Brushless Motor


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