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Arduino LilyPad 328 ATmega328P


The Lilypad Arduino ATMega328P 16M HW-1 Board is a compatible Arduino-program micro-controller is designed to be easily integrated into e-textiles and wearable projects. It offers the same functionality you find in other Arduino boards, in a lightweight, round package design to minimize snagging and profile. With wide tabs that can be sewn down and connect with conductive thread. CityTech BD

The Lilypad consists of an ATmega328 compatible with the Arduino bootloader and a minimum number of external components to keep it as small (and as simple) as possible.

This board will run from 2V to 5V and offers large pin-out holes that make it easy to sew and connect. Each of these pins, with the exception of (+) and (-), can control an attached input or output device (like a light, motor, or switch). CityTech BD

Each Lilypad was creatively designed to have large connecting pads to allow them to be sewn into clothing.

Features :

  1. Board will run from 2V to 5V.
  2. The latest version of the LilyPad supports automatic reset for even easier programming.
  3. The backside of the LilyPad is now completely flat!
  4. We now use a surface mount programming connector to keep the header from poking through.
  5. This version of the LilyPad now uses the new ATmega328 at 8MHz.
  6. Arduino 0016 supports the Pro Mini Arduino 328/8MHz/16MHZ.
  7. Use this setting when using this new LilyPad 328. CityTech BD
General Specification
Model TypeLilyPad
Microcontroller ChipATmega168 or ATmega328V
Operating Voltage (VDC)2.7 ~ 5.5
Input Voltage(Recommended)2.7V-5.5 V
Analog I/O Pins6
Digital I/O Pins14
PWM Digital I/O Pins6
Flash Memory16 KB
EEPROM512 bytes
DC Current per I/O Pin (mA)40
Diameter (mm)50
Weight (gm)8
Shipment Weight0.012 kg
Shipment Dimensions5 × 5 × 1 cm


  1. Leah Buechley’s LilyPad Tutorial
  2. LilyPad Documentation
  3. GitHub

Package Includes :

1 x Arduino LilyPad 328 ATmega328P


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