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L293D Dual DC Motor Controller Red


Specification: CityTechBd

Operating Voltage: 7V-15V

Motor Voltage Selection = VS (5V or Vin)

DPDT Power Switch

DPTD Dual Motor Enable Switch

Power Input Terminal 3 Pin (VIN – GND – 5V)

Signal Input Terminal Pin (IN1, IN2, IN3 & IN4)

PWM Input Terminal (ENA & ENB)

Output Terminal (Motor A & Motor B)

4 Pins 5V Bus  for another boards.

4 Pins & 2 Pins GND Bus  for another boards. CityTechBD

Note: L293D Dual DC Motor Controller Red This is a motor driver. Which is built using an L293D Motor Driver IC. Two DC motors can be driven simultaneously using this controller very easily. But one thing to note is its current and voltage rating. If one wants to use a motor with a rating higher than the rating of L293D Dual DC Motor Controller Red then it will not work.


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