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Monocrystalline Solar Panel 12V 30W


Monocrystalline Solar Panel 12V 30W in Bangladesh.

12v 30w Solar Panel Monocrystalline with an aluminum frame. Made using Grade A solar cells guarantees high efficiency and long operative life. 30 watts is enough power in the summer to keep your battery firmly topped up even with moderate use. CityTechBD 

Monocrystalline Solar Panel 12V 30W Specification:
Panel Size 540mm(w) x 350mm(h) x 25mm(d)
Weight: 3.1kg
Peak Power: 30w
Open Circuit Voltage: 22.5V
Short Circuit Current: 1.8A
Power Allowance Range: 5%
Max Power Voltage: 18.3V
Max System Current: 1.64A
Max System Voltage: 600VDC
Number of Cells: 36
20 years output guarantee >80%

Note: This specification may be subject to change due to different batch sizes and manufacturers.


1 x Monocrystalline Solar Panel 12V 30W CityTechBD


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